In today’s challenging times business leaders and professionals are turning to a Professional Coach to help them get the winning edge. – Wall Street Journal


What sets me apart from many other executive and professional coaches is that most coaches are trained to deal with the conscious 10% of your mind and potential, I have the skills and extensive training to also work with that other 90%.  This is based on human psychology, core values, our belief system, and EQ.  I recognize that no two people or companies are alike, because of that each situation is looked at using the mindset of my client. There are many ways to approach the same issue, my goal is to help each client find the solution to their challenges, and achieve success in the way that best fits them.  One size does NOT fit all.  With the ability to use my diverse extensive training, life skills and experience, hiring me as your coach will never be a one approach fits all experience.  We will achieve the results that you are looking for and have fun along the way.

Coaching is a good fit for a goal-oriented person who prefers to take responsibility for their processes and outcomes.  I work with “highly-functioning” people, the assumption is that the client is healthy, willing and fully capable of achieving their goals.  Clients who are looking for clarity, stratagies and motivation to achieve even more success.
I work closely with you to establish an action plan for creating what you want in your life. I am an active partner to guide you, help you in identifying what holds you back, and motivate you to move forward, with resources and a specific, personal way of doing so.


With Gillian as your Coach, you will:

  • Identify and maximize your strengths.
  • Focus on future goals, not past issues.
  • Develop a step-by-step action plan.
  • Have someone to be accountable to, and help you complete that plan.
  • Explore what holds you back.
  • Celebrate results.



  • Assumes the clients is highly-functional.
  • Roots in business and personal growth venues.
  • Works to motivate people to a higher level of functioning.
  • Focuses on actions and the future; goal-orientation.
  • Focuses on solving problems and building successes.
  • Works for solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills and implement effective choices.