Happy St Patricks Day


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Happy St Patrick’s Day or Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! To all who are Irish, or at least Irish at heart for the day. I recognize that wherever I may call home, or reside, the home of my heart is the country where I was born and raised, Ireland. It allowed me to become the person I am today. I appreciate how it has shaped and defined me in many ways. However, living away from there for the past 30 years has also allowed me to develop a global perspective and challenge what I once thought was true. Some believe that we are born a certain way and remain so throughout life. However, my belief is we should question what is not longer serving us, embrace a new way of doing things as life and circumstances changes, keep what works for us and makes us intrinsically the person we now are. Deep in our being where we are born and raised will always remain with us and influence a large part of our story. How we choose to tell
our story will ultimately define how our life and goals are realized.

As you may have intuited, in recognition to my country of birth I am feeling philosophical today. Yes, being philosophical is an intrinsic trait of being Irish. Ireland has a deep-rooted culture of poets, storytellers, artist, musicians and scholars. All of these are seen in varying degrees in our love of the pub community and the Craic – NB: Please look at the definition by clicking on Craic before you jump to conclusions here! –

I embrace all that is in my heritage –well most of it- and also what living in the United States has brought to me personally and professionally. Can an old dog learn new tricks? Sure, look at my post on this, the question is how motivated or aware are they that change is needed? I would love to hear about how your culture has impacted who you are today? How aware are you of the things that you want to hold on to and those you are ready to let go?

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