Help Needed?

Help Needed?

How many of you can relate to this dilemma?  We feel that we can do it all and continue even when we should stop and ask for help.  Oh yes, all the warning signs are there. It is almost as if our internal computer is saying, “Are you sure you want to delete all files?”  However, we press on in our delusion of being “Super-Human” with a “nothing can get the best of me” attitude. Then, we no longer want to ask for help, we have to.  I am not sure about you, but being in a position of having to do something, rather than wanting to do something, is very disempowering to me.

Asking for help does not mean you are inferior or incapable.  Asking for help simply means that you are aware of what your limits are at that particular time.  I know that there is a fine line between asking for help and being needy, but if you are aware of that line and question which side you are on, then I am pretty certain that when you ask for the needed help others will appreciate feeling needed. The upside is you will not end up like our four-legged friend above! Who knows, you may even be called upon to be someone’s rescuer.  No “I told you so” allowed (well at least not out loud).

I am curious about the times that you should have asked for help but didn’t and then wished that you had.  Did you end up feeling foolish?

Please leave a comment, help needed here!

  1. Did you write this one for me.? Well written.

    Love ya, sandy

  2. That’s one mistake I seem to be able to make repeatedly. We all need to learn to ask fro help sometimes. Thanks for the post and best wishes on your blog.

  3. Asking for help, simply means it’s time to embrace your vulnerability. Once you do, you step into a space of full acknowledgement, of your full range of emotions… fear, anger, guilt as well as love, joy and gratitude. Vulnerability means being seen or transparent. There’s no greater empowerment then to embrace vulnerability. If you shut down vulnerability because you don’t want to experience fear, anger or guilt. You will also shut down love, joy and gratitude, because they are all part of who you are. Embrace the beauty that all of you Is enough, and by asking for help you are acknowledging a willingness to be indifferent… that place where real wisdom emerges.

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