What Clients Say

I highly recommend working with Gillian to get yourself to the next level, find creative solutions to your challenges and most importantly to invest in YOU! Hiring Gillian was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. Unlike a mentor or sponsor -who are also very important in your career – Gillian’s only focus is you: helping you achieve your goals, holding you accountable and helping you map out how you are going to get there. I cannot say enough great things about Gillian and how much I’ve grown personally and professionally through working with her!

Amy Temkin, Vice President Strategic Accounts at Curian Capital

If you are an Executive wanting to build your personal power I would highly recommend having Gillian Draleau on your team. Gillian is a talented coach with razor sharp intuition, who can quickly assimilate into your world through insightful questions and non-judgmental feedback. Using a variety of tools and techniques Gillian helps you plan, test and step beyond your boundaries in a deliberate and sustainable way. I started working with Gillian two years back when I was a Vice President at a major international company. I continue to consult with her at all major junctions as I progress my career.

Amanda Turton Vice President, Communications at EMD Millipore Corporation

I hired Gillian to help me navigate my “next steps” as a corporate professional. Using feedback that I received from my manager we crafted a realistic and timely plan to achieve my goal of becoming a leader of a larger team. Working with a coach skilled in her profession allowed me to clarify what I wanted and why, and being held accountable for my actions was invaluable. Gillian quickly helped me see what was holding me back and stopping me from performing at my best. She respectfully challenged me when I made excuses and played small and showed me another perspective of what could be. Seeing myself through her non-judgmental eyes allowed me to explore many different avenues. She helped me tap into my unique resources and strengths to achieve my original goal and more. I felt very comfortable talking with Gillian about any issues that came up and appreciated her integrity, professionalism and sense of humor.

Susan W. Financial Services Professional, Boston, Ma

I have had the great privilege of working with Gillian on several occasions and on each and every one I was impressed with her clarity and focus, her caring and thoughtful implementation of her craft. I feel that I’ve gained a great deal from her abilities and distinct expertise, all of which have benefitted me in my life. I am extremely grateful to Gillian and recommend her to others very highly. She is truly a kind, intelligent and passionate Coach who has much to give to her clientele, and I consider myself to be a very lucky recipient of her work !

Linda Lamoreaux Principal and Interior Designer LAMOREAUX DESIGN Littleton, MA

Gillian is a gifted coach who has a unique ability to connect with people and establish immediate trust and comfort. She is highly intuitive, compassionate, and positive. Gillian combines her various types of expertise with an innate desire and ability to help people see the best in themselves. Through her life and professional experience, she offers sound and practical guidance grounded in wisdom.

Amy Dunn, Dunn Talent Consulting, MA/CT

Gillian has a way of allowing you to look at a problem/challenge and come up with many different solutions. Having her as my coach has allowed me to evaluate my goals and implement strategies to better communicate with my employees. It has benefited the company as a whole, along with enhancing my personal relationships. She is truly skillful at her profession and a joy to be with.

Keith B. Business Owner and Entrepreneur.

Insightful, authentic and genuinely invested in my success, Gillian’s inspiring manner has truly helped me better understand my values, and identify, develop and execute against a life plan that will catapult my success in a very balanced way. Her intuition is exceptional and her questions powerful, challenging me at the right level at the right time helping me gain confidence in my abilities and intuition. Thanks to Gillian’s help, I have the tools, awareness and confidence to live the life I want to live on both a personal and professional level.

Ellen B,  HR Executive, Business Owner, Cape Cod, Ma.

Gillian is a great listener who helps remove self-imposed obstacles. She really helped me develop a plan and follow through on what I needed to be successful in my business. As a small business owner it is great to have an objective ally as well as a knowledgeable professional like Gillian to work with.

Ann Walsh Business Owner Sterling, MA

Gillian changed the way that I see my work and my life. Her passion and her expertise as a coach really opened my mind and heart to different ways of finding solutions. Truly a talented coach and a very knowledgably professional. If you are considering getting a Professional Coach look no further, Gillian is the BEST….

Richard Kinne, Health Care Professional, Marlborough, Ma

As a combat athlete and health professional, the only kinds of coaches I ever had were those that helped me maximize my physical potential. Gillian helped me realize that the most overlooked piece, yet perhaps most important, to full development was the development of my mind. Utilizing Gillian’s techniques, under her watchful eye and guidance, I have now, for the first time, become an active participant in my life. As a coach, Gillian is provocative, endearing, passionate, and genuine. Her coaching style is both captivating and informative. She does not tell you what to do or how to get there, rather she leads you to a place you could not get to, but was there all along. The end result is an experience that is both fulfilling and enlightening. Thanks to Gillian and her expertise, I am now more capable than ever at adapting and flourishing in any situation.

Michael Campanella Combat Athlete and Health Professional Needham, MA

Gillian is a breath of fresh air, a true confidante and an incredible professional. She helped me dig deep in a safe and supportive environment to examine what I truly wanted from my business and my life. Her unique ability to show me how to see my situation and life differently has helped me grow and has gotten me clearer and closer to my goals, professionally and personally.

F.Gove Professional Organizer Pepperell, MA