What Will It Take?

What Will It Take?

Door in greek Style

It is important for us all to live beyond our limited beliefs and expectations, along with those thrust on us by society and our background. It is only by truly knowing, believing, challenging and experiencing this that we step into our power, our greatness, which continues to grow as we do.  Send out positive energy and be an example for others to also dare to go beyond who they think they are.  It is not only the privileged, the educated, the inventor and the artists that have the capacity to succeed.  It is the visionary who dares to see and act on the principal which tells them, “I am greater than I think I am and I am willing to let go of all that I believe is true to prove it just to myself.”

I wonder what it will take for you to let it go and trust that you are greater than you think you are?  What it true and what is your truth? There is an immense difference.

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